Alexis Souchet



I am a Researcher in cognitive ergonomics. I work on virtual reality, Human-AI collaboration for decision making, human factors, psychophysiological measures and detection of cognitive load, acute stress and VR side effects. I'm also trying to raise awareness of immersive technologies' ecological impacts.

According to, my website produces less carbon than 93% of websites with an Estimated CO² produced per page view of 0.55g (last test 11/04/2023).


Post-Doctoral researcher

Institute for Technological Research Systemx

Human-AI collaboration for decision making in the Cockpit and Bidirectional Assistant (CAB) project. Working on performance, trust, explainability, cognitive load, stress with behavioral, subjective and physiological data.

2023 - Present

Post-Doctoral researcher

University of Southern California

Fulbright invited scholar at the Institute for Creative Technologies in Skip Rizzo's Medical Virtual Reality lab. Working on cognitive inhibition, cognitive load, acute stress, VR side effects differentiation, Older adults well-being with VR.

2022 - 2023

Post-Doctoral researcher

French National Centre for Scientific Research

H2020 European project INFINITY. Worked on cognitive load, acute stress, cybersickness and visual fatigue assessement with eye tracker, electrocardiogram (ECG) and electrodermal activity (EDA).

2020 - 2022

Associate researcher

Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA)

Reservist, Officer candidate. Neuroscience Department, Stress neurophysiology.

2020 - 2023


Several public or private universities

Around 160 hours in front of the students (usually masters degree level) lecturing on experimental method in ergonomics, research methodology, VR side effects, basics of human perception and cognition, student project mentoring.

2019 - Present

Editorial responsibilities: Reviewer

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST), IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR), Springer Virtual Reality, International Journal Of Industrial Ergonomics, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, International Journal Of Stress Management…

2019 - Present

Research engineer | PhD student


R&D on virtual reality, serious games, visual fatigue, training, micro-learning. Participated at project writing for several R&D financing (H2020 European program, BPI, DGA, ERASMUS+).

2017 - 2020

Research engineer (intern)

Collège de France Alain Berthoz's team & CréaTIC

Flying avatar project. Pre-test experiments with Electromyography and ECG. Experiment to assess visual fatigue, flow and presence. Booth at Laval Virtual 2016.



Paris 8 University

Doctor of Philosophy
Information and Communication sciences - Cognition, Language, Interaction doctoral school – Paragraphe Lab

Visual fatigue impacts on learning via serious game in virtual reality.

2017 - 2020

Paris 8 University

Master's Digital creation and publishing

Semester 1 year 2 Technological University Dublin, Ireland (ERASMUS).

2014 - 2016

Sorbonne University & Graduate School of Arts and Printing Industry (Estienne)

Bachelor of Computer science - Digital workflow

Apprentice at Hachette Livre.

2011 - 2012

Selected publications

  • Souchet, A. D., Diallo M. L., Lourdeaux D. (2023). Acute Stress Classification with a Stroop task and in-office biophilic Relaxation in Virtual Reality based on Behavioral and Physiological data. In Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR'23 Adjunct), Syndey, Australia. DOI: 10.1109/ISMAR-Adjunct60411.2023.00115
  • Souchet, A. D., Lourdeaux, D., Burkhardt, J. M., Hancock, P. A. (2023). Design guidelines for limiting and eliminating Virtual Reality Induced Symptoms and Effects at Work: A comprehensive, factor-oriented review. Frontiers in Psychology, 14(1161932). DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1161932
  • Souchet, A. D., Lourdeaux, D., Pagani, A., Rebenitsch, L. (2022). A narrative review of immersive virtual reality's ergonomics and risks at the workplace Cybersickness, Visual fatigue, Muscular fatigue, Acute stress, and Mental overload. Virtual Reality. DOI: 10.1007/s10055-022-00672-0
  • Souchet, A. D. (2022). Environmental impacts of the “metaverse”: State of ignorance. ACM Web3D’22. 27th International Conference on 3D Web Technology - Workshops, Paris, France. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.34204.36482
  • Souchet A. D., Diallo M. L., Lourdeaux D. (2022). Cognitive load Classification with a Stroop task in Virtual Reality based on Physiological data. In Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR'22), Singapore. DOI: 10.1109/ISMAR55827.2022.00083
  • Souchet A. D., Xie W., Lourdeaux D. (2022). Distinguishing Visual Fatigue, Mental Workload and Acute Stress in Immersive Virtual Reality with Physiological Data: pre-test results. In Proceedings of the 29th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW), Christchurch, New Zealand. DOI: 10.1109/VRW55335.2022.00211
  • Souchet, A. D., Philippe, S., Loudeaux D., & Leroy, L. (2021). Measuring Visual Fatigue and Cognitive Load via Eye Tracking while Learning with Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays: a Review. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction. DOI: 10.1080/10447318.2021.1976509
  • Souchet, A. D., Philippe, S., Lévêque, A., Ober, F., & Leroy, L. (2021). Short- and long-term learning of job interview with a serious game in virtual reality: Influence of eyestrain, stereoscopy, and apparatus. Virtual Reality. DOI: 10.1007/s10055-021-00548-9
  • Philippe, S., Souchet, A. D., Lameras, P., Petridis, P., Caporal, J., Coldeboeuf, G., & Duzan, H. (2020). Multimodal teaching, learning and training in virtual reality: A review and case study. Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware, 2(5), 421 442. DOI: 10.1016/j.vrih.2020.07.008
  • Souchet, A. D., Philippe, D., Lévêque, A., Ober, F., & Leroy, L. (2019). Investigating Cyclical Stereoscopy Effects over Visual Discomfort and Fatigue in Virtual Reality while Learning. In Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR'19), Beijing, China. DOI: 10.1109/ISMAR.2019.00031
  • Souchet, A. D., Philippe, S., Zobel, D., Lévêque, A., Ober, F., & Leroy, L. (2018). Eyestrain impacts on learning job interview with a serious game in virtual reality: a randomized double-blinded study. In Proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST '18), Tokyo, Japan. DOI: 10.1145/3281505.3281509

Workshops, talks, vulgarization, media coverage, my work quoted in

  • IHEST - Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, & de la Recherche et de l’Innovation. (2023, juin). Le Métavers: Une enquête sur les univers virtuels en gestation. IHEST - Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie.
  • Hughes-Castleberry, K. (2023, octobre 11). Are There Health Risks to Using Virtual Reality Headsets at Work? Discover Magazine.
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  • Souchet, A. D. (2023). Virtual reality's risks: side effects and environmental impacts. Café des Sciences & LA tech week – French Consulate, Office for Science and Technology, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Souchet, A. D., Xie W., Lourdeaux D. (2022) Mesurer et détecter les effets secondaires de la réalité virtuelle au travail : INFINITY cas appliqué avec les forces de police. IG-RV & AfIA - Collège Interaction avec l’Humain - journée environnements virtuels : adaptation du système à l’humain ou de l’humain au système ? Compiègne, France.
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  • Souchet, A. D. (29/03/2021). Human Factors of Virtual Reality for Learning and Working: visual fatigue, cognitive load and stress. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Commission of the Association for Research in Ergonomic Psychology and Ergonomics (ARPEGE).